My name is Márton Botond and I’m a freelance retoucher.

As many retoucher I started to learn on my own images. After a few years in the photography business as I worked along with other collages I always found myself helping them out on the post-productions. For a several years I run my business not just as a photographer but as a retoucher as well. But I needed to realise to raise the leveI, I have to concentrate to one craft. So I dedicated myself to retouching and kept photography as a hobby.

I work mostly on advertising, fashion and portraiture images but I have experience in still life and composite images as well.

Based in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, whilst doing projects all across the globe. I love to work and connect with other creative minds and push my boundaries as a retoucher.

I’m looking forward to work with you! Get in touch with if you have any questions whatsoever!


  • Retouching (cleaning up skin, details)

  • Color development/ color correcting

  • On-set retouching

  • Compositing