I met photography during my studies at university. First it was just a hobby, then shortly it became my love and passion. I was lucky enough to learn from and work with Hungary's best photojournalists. After a few years of shooting at concerts and festivals I was eager to discover other niches of photography. I wanted to grow as an artist and I try myself at other fields. I immersed in studio and outdoor portraits, mainly women portraits, and wedding photography.

Every individual has a beauty and special character that makes him/her unique. Every period of our lives has its special moments, own emotions and story to tell. My driving force is to capture these special moments and characters. I would like to share them with you as I see them. I do not want to lose these moments. I want to save them for you, so you can relive them. 

Based in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, whilst doing projects all across the globe. I love to work and connect with other creative minds and push my boundaries as a photographer.